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Working with your Enterprise Account Manager

An overview of how you can collaborate with your EAM efficiently to meet and exceed your team’s individual goals.

Working with your Enterprise Account Manager

In addition to powerful leadership software, customers on our Enterprise plan have access to another resource to help them succeed: your Enterprise Account Manager (also known as your EAM). Your EAM’s primary role is to help you optimize the way you  leverage the NationBuilder product for your cause. In this document, we’ll outline some tips and best practices so you can  get the most value out of your EAM. 

What is the role of your Enterprise Account Manager?  

At the highest level, the EAM is responsible for overseeing your account. They will be your primary point of contact here at NationBuilder and will be your go-to on all things strategic. This includes personalized recommendations to help you get as much value as you can from the product, as well as guidance on how to make the most of our integrations, ecosystem, and professional services team in order to meet your goals. 

The team collectively has many years of combined experience in advocacy, the nonprofit space, fundraising, organizing, campaign work, and communications. We bring this insight to our conversations with each customer to help guide your NationBuilder strategy. 

What can your EAM help you with? 

Customers who get the most value out of their EAMs are those who partner with them to share their strategic objectives regularly and work collaboratively to identify strategies and tactics within NationBuilder. Examples of objectives and strategies might look like:

Objective: Improving engagement with supporters 

NationBuilder Strategy: Reviewing email deliverability and best practices


Objective: Acquiring new supporters 

NationBuilder Strategy: Running a recruiter campaign utilizing NB recruiter links


Objective: Optimizing fundraising asks 

NationBuilder Strategy: Utilizing filters to identify potential donors and donor asks and/or paths and automations to build donor journeys

Best practices for maximizing strategic support

Consider these tips when connecting with your EAM: 

  • Work out who the best POC in your organization should be for your EAM. Ideally this should be someone who is able to make strategic decisions and has some technical knowledge/ability. If need be, this can be two or three people but we’d recommend against anything more.
  • The first time you meet with your EAM, they will want to understand your big picture goals for working with the software. Where possible, share high level objectives that your company/team/you have and what you’d like to achieve using NationBuilder. Specific things that would be helpful to share with your EAM when you first meet include:
    • Any top line organizational goals and specific trackable metrics for your organization, department or team (e.g. acquiring new supporters, engaging with existing supporters, recruiting members, increasing donations/donors, etc) 
    • Short/Medium/Long-term objectives with NationBuilder
    • Other software you use - give your EAM a full picture of your tech stack so they can make the best recommendations
    • Who else will your EAM be working with/connecting with from your team? Identify roles if possible (Executive Director, Intern, etc.) For example, a data scientist may not be interested in discussing fundraising or volunteer efforts happening on NationBuilder, but it may make sense to keep them in certain conversations when needed. 
    • Preferred times and cadence for meeting your EAM (usually every 2 weeks or  monthly).  
    • Your preferred method of communication (e.g. email, slack).
  • Ensure that there are people who will be able to follow up and ‘do the work’ -  how much work exactly will depend on the projects you choose to tackle, but will be at least a couple of hours a day or the equivalent for weekends/evenings.
  • Be proactive about sharing what you would like to discuss on upcoming calls with your EAM in advance to make the most of their expertise and your time together. 
  • When communicating with your EAM, provide as much detail as needed to help them help you. This might include links to a page you’re referencing, an extra sentence of history or context, or the timeframe or when you’re looking for an answer. 
  • Leverage EAM resources: EAMs host strategic webinars and write blog posts that are designed to help you engage more deeply with your supporters.

Accessing technical support

If you need technical assistance with the software (e.g. if something’s not working the way you think it should or you’re not sure how to use a specific feature/function), we have a technical Support Team you can contact. They’re available five days a week by phone, and seven days a week via email and in-app chat. Their contact information will be included in the first email you receive from your EAM. 

We also have comprehensive and searchable Support Documentation that you can reference to find tutorials and answers to common questions. 

What does partnering with your EAM look like in action? 

Check out the ways these customers leveraged their EAM to use NationBuilder to its fullest: 

  • NC Homeowner Alliance asked their EAM: How can we improve our email deliverability? 
  • Amnesty Indonesia created a powerful digital infrastructure with support from their EAM. 
  • Earth Day worked with their EAM to (quickly!) move their in-person events to  seamless and interactive online events. 
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