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How is NationBuilder different than Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, focused on helping users raise funds for creative products.

We’re big fans of Kickstarter and built similar crowdfunding tools into NationBuilder. But NationBuilder is a lot more than crowdfunding. NationBuilder is the world’s first leadership software, providing everything you need to lead your organization, including a website, a database, all your communications tools, including email, social media, and text, as well as financial tools you need to accept donations and raise funds. Full integration of all these tools in one platform improves your insights into the impact you’re having, and helps you to take action on those insights from within the software. NationBuilder’s is designed to help you identify, attract, and engage more readers, supporters, donors, voters, or customers. As opposed to simply creating a one-time crowdfunding page, NationBuilder is a comprehensive tools designed to provide everything you need to lead your organization or campaign.

Kickstarter is a great place to go to raise funds fast, but in order to be successful, you’ll first need a base of supporters to raise them from, in order to “kick” things off. NationBuilder helps you recruit and organize the base of support you’ll need for a successful crowdfunding effort, even if you do it on Kickstarter.

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