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How is NationBuilder different from Salsa Labs?

Salsa Labs is a fundraising, advocacy and marketing platform. Salsa products are often a cheaper alternative to ActionKit for groups that have an in-house tech team and want to do a lot of custom coding and work with plug-ins. The product has a complex user interface, and is frequently used with Drupal or Wordpress for a CMS and Ning for a social network. As a result, Salsa generally requires a lot of integration work. After adding up all the custom integrations that Salsa required can end up being quite expensive. And, importantly, Salsa’s products are only for progressives.

NationBuilder is for everyone. As the world’s first leadership software, NationBuilder, provides everything you need to lead your organization, already fully integrated. NationBuilder includes a website, a database, all your communications tools, including email, social media, and text, the financial tools you need to accept donations and raise funds.

Salsa includes an email-your-legislator tool at the federal level. In contrast, your NationBuilder subscription includes access to ActionButton which allows contacting legislators at the federal, and state levels, but also in the UK and Canada as well as custom targets of your choice.

Finally, Salsa’s products don’t include any voter outreach tools, or field tools, like call and walk lists, or turf cutting. For voter outreach, more integration is required, usually with tools like NGP-VAN. NationBuilder comes with all the voter and field tools that political campaigns need to win their elections. Full integration of all these tools in one platform improves your insights into the impact you’re having, and helps you to take action on those insights from within the software. NationBuilder is designed to help you identify, attract, and engage more readers, supporters, donors, voters, or customers.

NationBuilder is also open to everyone, and has transparent pricing you can check out on our pricing page.

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