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As we close in on the halfway point of 2021, we're taking stock of how our product has evolved over the last six months. Each product update we make is rooted in our deep commitment to bringing our customers the best possible tools for moving their communities to action––and so far, we’ve made 800!

While we won’t dive into all of them here, we’ve shared some of the highlights below (in alphabetical order!): 

Addresses. We devised a new and improved way for NationBuilder to handle addresses, which we are gradually rolling out to more and more nations. Northern European countries are already benefiting from major improvements to householding. Plus you and your website visitors alike now have easier and better interfaces for inputting addresses in the Control Panel and on website forms.

Automations. Our newest feature continues to be an exciting area of development for us and we have made strides on improving its performance and fixing bugs. There’s much more to come, so stay tuned!

Email editor. It’s been a priority for us to continue to make it easier for you to craft and send emails to your supporters. We’ve made over 100 improvements and bug fixes  including the ability to use consents while selecting email recipients and  search for email blasts by name—two of the features our customers were most excited about.

Filters. We are regularly adding filters, such as keyword matching for tags and donation tracking codes and failed or pending recurring donations, as well as performance improvements.

Infrastructure. Many of these improvements are “under the hood,” but some you may have noticed are that securing your website with SSL is now practically instant and the performance of imports has sped up dramatically.

NationBuilder Payments. Helping you raise money is of utmost importance to us. You now can set your own statement descriptors so your donors can clearly see who you are, the Mexican peso has been added to the list of currencies we support, and we’ve released a way for you to have your donors cover your processing fees on your donation pages (all of which are now protected by reCAPTCHA!). Last but not least, we’ve  made general improvements to recurring donations and membership notifications, as well as added occupation and employment fields to payout exports for election reporting compliance.

Texting/SMS. Mobile communications are becoming more and more critical for our customers. Along with performance and usability improvements, we’ve made texting available in the UK.

Websites. We are proud to offer all customers our new, modern stock theme based on Bootstrap 4, Momentum! It’s packed with new features which you can read all about here.

Those are just a few honorable mentions from the year so far. We’re incredibly excited about all the improvements to come in the second half of 2021! 

If you’d like to keep up-to-date on all the latest product improvements, visit or subscribe to our release notes page. We also invite you to visit our Product Portal where, along with seeing the latest feature releases, you can cast your vote for a feature that’s under consideration or make your own suggestion.


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