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We're thrilled to see all the great development going on with the NationBuilder API, and want to open this forum up for public feedback, helps and hints, questions and more. This resource is curated by the NationBuilder API Team - our goal is developers helping developers, so we definitely want to hear from you. You can also use the tags to rank posts. Thanks!

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When POSTing to donation API I keep getting a 'slug can't be blank' error

We are trying to hit the following API

token.post('/api/v1/donations', headers: {"Content-Type"=>"application/json", "Accept"=>"application/json"}, body: {:donation=>{:donor_id=>1234, :amount_in_cents=>1000, :payment_type_name=>"Other", :tracking_code_slug=>"", :succeeded_at=>Wed, 07 Sep 2016 23:18:32 EDT -04:00}})

Official response from completed

The tracking_code_slug can't be blank. It needs the tracking code value as a string, a 'null' or just not including the resource in the request. 

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People/search endpoint only returns exact matches

When I hit the search endpoint for a name, for example, I have to use the exact name to return a result. For example, if I search for first_name=brad it won't return results for 'Bradley'. 

In addition, searching for names of organizations doesn't return results at all.

Official response from considering

This issue has been confirmed but does not have a set timeline on when it will be fixed. Please follow this cards if you would like to receive email updates about the status of this issue.

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Webhooks are not firing

Webhooks don't seem to be firing for person created and changed webhooks. Possibly other events that trigger webhooks are also effected.

Official response from completed

This issue has been resolved. 

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API and GUI validation inconsistencies

There appears to be inconsistencies between what is required/validated via the GUI, and what is required/validated via the API.

For example, via the GUI you can create and edit an event that has no location. However, trying to edit one of these events via the API will produce a validation error, as location is required.

This results in needing to add code such as this to all my event editing script:

contact = event["contact"]
contact["name"] = "Default Contact Name" if contact["name"].nil? || contact["name"].empty?
contact["email"] = "default@contact.com" if contact["email"].nil? || contact["email"].empty?
if !event["venue"].nil? && !event["venue"]["address"].nil?

address = event["venue"]["address"]
  address["city"] = "Unknown" if address["city"].nil? || address["city"].empty?

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Sites index returns null for domain

api/v1/sites returns 'null' for domains for all sites, regardless of if the site has a domain set.

Official response from considering

This is a confirmed bug but does not have a set timeline on when it will be fixed. Please follow this cards if you would like to receive email updates about the status of this issue.

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No search functionality over developers' forum?!

new to NB, but trying to make something work on my 'nation' and this is one way i typically learn a new code base.  wazzup?

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Custom Fields list API method needed.

I think a new method is needed to list a nations custom fields and their types. For instance by only being able to view a custom field on a person I am unable to tell the difference between a text and a multiple choice field.

Also I am unable to infer the possible options for a multiple choice field if there is no person with that option. 

Official response from considering

This is something we will consider but does not have a timeline at the moment.

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Attempts to delete people from a list through the API results in errors

There is some issue with “Delete People Endpoint” in “List API”( http://nationbuilder.com/lists_api ). It always returns 400 error with the message that says:

{"code":"missing_parameters","message":"Missing Parameters.","parameters":["people_ids"]} 

Official response from considering

This is something we are considering but we do not have a set timeline yet.

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C# API PersonResponse conflict

I'm calling the Person Create endpoint, and receiving back a good response with json reflecting the new user.  But Newtonsoft.Json is returning an error when attempting to deserialize the Json to a NationBuilderAPI.V1.PersonResponse<NationBuilderAPI.V1.Person>.  Has there been an update to the Person Create endpoint that's not reflected in the C# API?  I'm using version NationbuilderAPI version 1.3 from Nuget.

Official response from completed

That is not a NationBuilder library. It is a third party offering that we don't support.

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Create directory pages via the API

It would be great if this were possible! 

Official response from considering

This is something that we are considering. Please follow this page to get email updates regarding a directory page/create endpoint.

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Including Paths in the API


It would be a huge help if paths and steps were included in the API.  Then we could automate much more of the importing and tracking that we do.  The feature has been out for a while and it seems intuitive that the feature would be included in the API.  Thanks so much!

Jenny Landon


Official response from completed


We now have a paths API with the ability to index paths and steps. Please see the documentation.

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When Installing Field Edge app it disappears from my Control Panel

When I install Field Edge it doesn't appear in Installed Apps or in the app listing. This makes me concerned it's not installed. 

Official response from submitted

We are investigating why FieldEdge doesn't show up under 'Installed Apps.' After testing the integration, it is clear that FieldEdge is syncing with the nation so functionality is not limited due to this issue.

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Batch updating and importing Blog Posts via API

I would think that many others would have had to migrate from Wordpress or Drupal to Nationbuilder by this point, but I can't seem to find many resources.

Seeing as there is no way to batch import posts I created a script to do so, and categorize them under their respective parent blog within Nationbuilder- attaching an 'external_id'.

So now, to update these same posts (content authors have made edits on old site during NB development) I have to first make a GET request to /sites/:site_slug/pages/blogs/:id/match to get the external id, then another UPDATE request to /sites/:site_slug/pages/blogs/:blog_id/posts/:blog_post_id .

Is there was an UPDATE or DELETE by 'external_id' method available or in the works? Many developers will be migrating to Nationbuilder and these functions alone will make the migration process easier- and open the doors to CSV batch editing for larger sites.

Official response from considering

This is something we will consider but does not have a timeline at the moment.

However we are paying close attention to the most popular suggestions so please share and encourage others to follow and comment!

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Permissions on API

I would like to be able to do more with the API than just searches, such as creating and updating people. Currently this is possible with the test token, but not an OAuth token.

A global permission level for the API would be enough, along with a flag on users to specify if they can OAuth and use the API's extended permissions. That way I could grant fine-grained permissions to the API, then give just a few users access to the API through OAuth. I would really like to stop using the test token because that's terrible security long-term.

Official response from completed


You can limit access to staffers by toggling their permission set. If you navigate through the control panel to Settings > Permission sets > select the permission set you want to limit authentication for > and scroll to the bottom you will see the option under API. Toggle this to 'no' and then assign that permission set to staffers you want to limit app authentication for.


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Primary Address Create/Update through API

I would like to update a person's primary address through the API, and also be able to create a new person with an address. 

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Is Theme Sync dead?

Used it quite a bit 2 years ago to great effect. Now it loops between choose site page and back to login page. Choosing a site seems to log me back out.

Still working for other people?

Official response from started


ThemeSync still works and I recommend uninstalling/reinstalling it to get past the hiccup you're experiencing. Also, we have started working on a different solution that utilizes a Dropbox integration.

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I am trying to set up my paypal account....what is an API signature?

Official response from completed

An API signature is an API credential assigned by PayPal. 

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Extend tags API to include tag counts

Right now, the only way to find out how many people are tagged with a specific tag in your nation, via the API, is to call the people method, which returns a paginated list of people with that tag. You then have to go through every page, incrementing the counter for every person. Needless to say this involves a fair few API calls for large tags.

There's already a tag index where you can see a list of tags - we just need that index to include a number too.

Official response from considering

This is something we will consider but does not have a timeline at the moment.

However we are paying close attention to the most popular suggestions so please share and encourage others to follow and comment!

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Webhooks: Support for Events


I'm suggesting support for webhooks for changes (creation, update, deletion) to events administered within NationBuilder.

My use case is I'm building a web app to index political events around the country. If groups, who are NationBuilder customers, could connect to it and submit new events and updates, that would have a huge impact on adoption, which would in turn impact event attendance for those customers, and subsequent volunteering, contributions and other engagement from the supporters. I can imagine other third party sites might be interested in this functionality too.

I'm a developer myself, so I'm happy to submit a pull request or sample code if that would be useful, but I'd be curious to hear NationBuilder's thoughts on adding this feature.

Thank you!


Official response from submitted


Have you considered setting up your app so that customers can authenticate it against their nation and then you can use our events API to index events in any nation that authenticates on a rolling basis? It seems like that would be a work-around that would require as much, if not less, work on the part of the nation owner to setup.

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Incomplete API for blog posts

Issue :

The API for blog posts (https://apiexplorer.nationbuilder.com/nationbuilder#Blog-Posts) is only serving content excerpt and not the all page html content.

Official response from submitted

Thanks! I'm going to move this to our API Developer Forum for a reply from our API folks. 

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PHP vs. C++

The folks who are building our store and automation are redoing some of the programing they did  in PHP in C++  because it runs faster and can handle a lot more data.  Would doing that help with the speed of loading into your system?  I don't know how it is programed now, but thought I'd pass that along.

Official response from completed

Generally speaking, performance of API access is mostly limited by network connectivity and I/O time so it’s unlikely that you will see a major performance difference accessing our APIs using PHP or C++.

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Expose more functionality via API

We have tried to integrate our donation management system with NationBuilder and have had some limitations in your api preventing this. It would be nice to have NationBuilder expose via API:

  1. A way for an unfulfilled pledge (i.e. non paid pledge) to be created into a nation
  2. Get a list of unpaid pledges
  3. submit payment for a pledge and mark the pledge as fulfilled

This would allow us support NationBuilder as a possible persistence backend in our application


Official response from completed


This is currently possible with our existing APIs as described below:

1. You can use the people API / push endpoint and the donations_pledged_amount_in_cents resource to create an unpaid pledge. 

2. This is rather complicated, but you could use the people API / show endpoint to get a full representation of a record including pledge amount and then cross-reference this using the donation API / index endpoint for whether a pledge_id exists. Records with a pledge amount but without a pledge_id will be everyone in the nation who has an unpaid pledge.

3. This is possible using our donation API/pledge_id resource. This resource is the id of the pledge a donation submitted via the donation API fulfills.

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How to check if someone is logged in via the api


I've got a simple PHP app running on our site but I want to know who is using it and ensure obviously only the right people can use it.

Can someone point me to the docs on doing just that please?



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Marital status field on import API

When running an import through the import API, if a single marital status field is wrong (eg is 'Inferred Married' or similar rather than 'Married' or 'M'), it rejects the entire import with a status 400 bad request. Is it possible to silently ignore than like with other fields?

Official response from considering

This is something we will consider but does not have a timeline at the moment.

However we are paying close attention to the most popular suggestions so please share and encourage others to follow and comment!

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Has anyone used Formidable API (WordPress) with the Nationbuilder API?

I am working with a group that has a WordPress  website with the Formidable plug-in. They want to create forms in WordPress and have the information passed to Nationbuilder in real time. Does anyone have knowledge or experience in setting up the Formidable API to connect with the Nationbuilder API?

Official response from submitted


I don't have experience with Formidable but you will want to start out with our people API if you want to build your own integration. Something else you may consider is Gravity Forms. Someone built an integration with Gravity Forms so that data entered into one of their forms will sync back to the nation.

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Getting the code with PHP

I think there is a problem with the quickstart for PHP.

Someone with access to the Nation's resources will have to visit that url in a browser, accept the application and retrieve the authorization code from the page url. That page url will look something like:

GET http://yourapp.example.com/oauth_callback?code=123456abcdef

Use the code to generate an access token:

But it doesn't make sense, this a program, not a person accessing a browser and getting the code. How can I get the code 

using PHP, not someone visiting the url in a browser?



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Accessing blog posts of edited blog


When editing a blog, the blog posts themselves are not deleted and can still be viewed on the site by their URL and found via search.

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Encoding of API responses

The headers in responses from the API specify "Content-type: application/json", but don't specify an encoding. As other aspects of the system use utf-8, I'm assuming that it should be "Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8".  Am I right? If so it would be helpful if this could be fixed or documented.


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Accessing blog posts of deleted blog


When deleting a blog, the blog posts themselves are not deleted and can still be viewed on the site by their URL and found via search. How do we use the NationBuilder API to access blog posts of a deleted blog? All of the blog post methods require a blog ID.

Official response from not planned


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. After testing this it is clear that deleting the blog post is difficult after deleting the blog if you don't have the blog_id because the ability to index blog pages goes away when you delete the page. It is possible to delete the posts through the control panel. To do this, please go to your nation's control panel and select the Website tab and then toggle the drop down for 'page type' to 'blog post.' Once here you should see all blog posts including the posts that were subpages of the blog page you deleted and can choose to delete the posts here.

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How we can use tracking_code_slug on Leaderboards?

I want to limit Leaderboard entries with respect to the tracking_code_slug in donations.
How to use this variable in Leaderboard template?

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Help of C# api sample code


Can you please advise what the reference of EndPointProvider and ServiceRequest<PersonContainer>, it shows error (both object are not existing) when I build the PesonSerivce.cs file.

publicPerson CreatePerson(Person person)


string endpoint = EndPointProvider.GetCreatePersonEndPoint();

var container = newPersonContainer(person);

var request = new ServiceRequest<PersonContainer>(endpoint, container);

PersonContainer result = PostWithResult<PersonContainer, PersonContainer>(request);

return result.Person;



And same issue happens on the Service.cs,  Task<HttpResponseMessage>,

ConfigProvider and MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json") cannot be found.

Such as code below



privatevoid SendRequest<T>(ServiceRequest<T> request, Func<HttpClient, Task<HttpResponseMessage>> sendFunc)

whereT : class


using (var client = newHttpClient())


client.Timeout = ConfigProvider.ServiceTimeout;


client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"));

Task<HttpResponseMessage> postTask = sendFunc(client);


HttpResponseMessage response = postTask.Result;

if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode)




Task<string> responseTask = response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();


string responseText = responseTask.Result;

string payloadString = request.Payload != null ? JsonConvert.SerializeObject(request.Payload) : null;

Logger.Error("Error sending {0} to: {1}. Response: {2}", payloadString, request.Endpoint, responseText);

thrownewInvalidOperationException("API call failed.");







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JSON/jQuery formatting for People create?

Hello and apologies for the noob question. Using jQuery for API calls and I just can't seem to make a request that contains acceptable JSON data for the api. Using something like this:

var rq = $.ajax({
method: "POST",
url: "https://[...].nationbuilder.com/api/v1/people?access_token=[...]",
accepts: "application/json",
contentType: "application/json",
data: JSON.stringify(
{ person: {
email: "bob@example.com",
last_name: "Smith",
first_name: "Bob",
sex: "M",
signup_type: 0,
employer: "Dexter Labs",
party: "P"
} }

Return message is always "I can only talk JSON..."

Official response from completed

Hi Jedd,

I would suggest using an online tool such as the JSON Formatter/Validator, which gave some helpful prompts to adjust the request above to the following raw JSON:

      "employer":"Dexter Labs",

It may also be helpful to consult the docs for the JSON.stringify method you're using for how that is transforming the data you're sending it.

Hope this helps, and happy coding!

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API exerpt, thumbnail and featured content sliders


How can I add the excerpt, thumbnail and a featured content slider via the api?



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Exports "Create/Run" endpoint won't work

I can't seem to get the Exports Create/Run endpoint working through either the API explorer or actual calls from code. I am adding the following json to the request body:

    "export": {
        "context": "people"

and adding the list_id to the query string but all I get in response is HTTP 406 (Not acceptable). Am I doing something wrong?

Additionally, the API explorer doesn't allow you to provide a value of the list_id parameter for this endpoint.

Official response from completed

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for letting us know about this - there's was an issue with the API Explorer that has now been resolved.

The url for the request for an export should be POST https://slug.nationbuilder.com/api/v1/lists/:list_id/exports with the request body as you had specified in JSON.


curl -X POST -H "Content-type: application/json" 'https://<slug>.nationbuilder.com/api/v1/lists/<list_id>/exports?access_token=<access_token>' --data '{"export":{"context":"people"}}'



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When will API and web hooks be updated to reflect the new paths?

What is the status on webhooks/api access to paths?

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New "upgrade" killing off the Developers?

According to http://nationbuilder.com/feature_comparison , it looks like the Developer API is only going to be available on plans starting at a thousand dollars a month now?  This effectively kills off the developer market entirely.

Was this intended?  The Developer API was one of the main reasons I came to NationBuilder, and I keep my community hosted here.  It's also been a huge reason for me to promote NationBuilder as an option amongst other non-profits, but the new pricing effectively destroys the potential of usage by most non-profits... 

Is there any form of the API being left in the lower tiered plans?




Official response from completed

It is true that nations on the Leader and Organization package will not have access to the API. Nations on any package can still install apps and hire a certified developer from our developer directory to build an integration with other systems using our API. The only restriction for nations on the Leader and Organization package is for them accessing the API to build a custom integration using non-certified developers.

Becoming a certified developer or publishing an app in our app directory will allow you to work with any customer regardless of the pricing package they are on. To become a certified developer please fill out this form and we'll be in touch shortly. To publish an app to our app directory please contact me directly at fsokhansanj@nationbuilder.com.

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Building Custom Applications

Hey all .... reasonably new to NB, but long time web native.

At first glance of custom NB development I can only see reference to API authentications.  
I can see here, a reference to PHP "Tools" Anatomy of a NationBuilder app ... which is cool, as most of our work is LAMP based.

I have clients with custom "apps" that we would look to be embedding into the workflows and profile/ACL access methods of NationBuilder ... which would require the applications to be run within the NB framework/site structure.  This is application around career profiling, strength/weakness profiling, career training, life direction, etc ... specifically about people who have lost direction, at risk, or needing direction/life planning after certain events in life.

I guess what we'd be looking to do is build something like a NB functional area, such as core "events/survey/petitions" type thing as a functional addon/app.  Is this something that can be plugged in, installed, maintained ... when it is not core?

Embedding custom apps and functionality into platforms like Drupal/Joomla/WP is easy enough ... but having trouble finding how/where we can do this type of thing in NB.  Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance,

Max Lynam :)

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Issue with Private Notes via API

We are making use of the /people/:person/notes API endpoint to log some notes about people, however in NationBuilder the note is coming "from" the person who created the app inside nation builder. For example "John Doe posted a private note about Jane Doe".
We dont want it to come from John Doe as he did not make the note, it came from the API.

a) How can we make the note come from the nation or simply be there and not be from someone?
b) How can we tell it to make the note from a "generic" person we created in the nation ?

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Accessing People on non-Directory Pages

I'm wondering if there is a way to configure a non-directory page (for example, a donations page) so that it has access to the People profiles through Liquid. Are all pages on a Nation's website configured so that they have access to the entire Nationbuilder database through Liquid, or do I need to make requests separately, through a separately implemented Javascript API if I want to access Nationbuilder people on a donation page?

Official response from not planned

Hey Lachlan, our site object has drops available for recent_supporters and random_supporters, but no drops that give full access to the people database. It's worth mentioning that the Directory pagetype only pulls from supporters, and is generally scoped to supporters with a specific tag. Unfortunately, there is no secure way to do this via the API as ours is meant for server-side code and there isn't a way to hide the access token client-side.

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Using API in PHP for email sign up form; how to activate/verify email address?

I've got a script working nicely where a user visiting a WordPress site can fill out their name and email address, check the opt-in box, and sign up to a list on NationBuilder. But I can't seem to find any information on how to have NationBuilder send a verification email or double opt-in message to the new user to confirm that the email is valid and they do really truly want to be on this list. How would we go about this using the API?

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People api custom search

I am trying to search people based on other criteria than those provided by the search api. (support_level to be more specific) I can't seem to find a way to do that. My nation has about 400 000 people in it. Even if I narrow using the tags, I still have to sort through around 80000 people.  With a limit of 100 results per page, that's still 800 requests. Am I missing something? I tried using the custom_value field of the search endpoint but it doesn't seem to work with preset fields in the database like support_level. 


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Unsubscribe Handling?

What's the best way to unsubscribe a person from the email list? Update the Person record and set an unsubscribed_at timestamp?

Can we receive a webhook when unsubscribes happen on your side? Or does person.updated already trigger for unsubscribes?

We're looking at propagating unsubscribes that happen on our system into NationBuilder. 


Official response from completed

Hi Nathan,

Using the API, the way of unsubscribing a person would be to change the email_opt_in value on a person resource to false, this would set the unsubscribed_at timestamp automatically to the time at which the change is pushed back to the profile in the nation.

Additionally, while there isn't a webhook for unsubscribes, the person_changed webhook will fire when someone's email preferences change in the nation.

I hope this helps,


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Payment Processing

We are exploring a scenario where payment processing would be done outside NationBuilder payment processor.

Any API functionality that can alert our system of a donation without processing it.

Kind Regards 

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People Search Api not showing results



I am new to using the nation builder api. I have added multiple contacts to my account and trying to search on them using various fields. But I am unable to get the results.

The following person exists in my contacts and i can get it when I use first_name and last_name in the search parameters, but If i use city or state i am unable to get results.


primary_address: {

address1: "address"
address2: "3"
address3: null
city: "Fort Lauderdale"
state: "FL"
country_code: "US"
zip: "33311"
but if i use https://slugName.nationbuilder.com/api/v1/people/search?state=FL
i get no results
results: [0]
next: null
prev: null


Official response from completed

Hi Ella,

There was an issue with people#search where instead of searching the primary address, the home address of people was searched instead (people in NationBuilder can have up to 7 different addresses, more on that here - including how to set primary address for a person). This explains why you weren't seeing results through the API as your nation didn't have any home addresses that matched what you were searching for.

A fix was pushed out today, and searching city or state through people#search should now return results that match based on the primary addresses of folks in your nation.



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Returning people including expiration date

I'm working on an integration tool to create newsletter labels for our members. It seems I can get the GET /api/v1/people endpoint fine but not with the expiration date, as this returns an abbreviated member. I'm aware there is the /person/:id endpoint, but this would affect acceptable usage to have to call this for every user in the database (currently >1000).

Given memberships are such a big thing with the types of organisation on NationBuilder, I would think this is going to be a popular endpoint if added.  What we really needed is an endpoint that returns an abbreviated member record that also includes an expiration date.  At the moment it seems that what we want to accomplish isn't possible, particularly with the rate limiting currently in place.

For what it's worth in our previous system we pulled all records from a local database to determine the labels and which need renewal forms to be added.

A less ideal alternative would be a variant to /match or /search with a parameter with an expiration date range option.

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Person API "created_at

For the PUSH endpoint of the PERSON api, will updated persons have the "created_at" property overwritten with the time that the update took place -- the same value also appearing in "updated_at"?  (for whatever reasons, this is the case in the API docs

Official response from completed

Hey Lilia,

The people#push endpoint allows you to update or create a person in your nation. When the request creates a person, the two fields you mentioned (created_at and updated_at) will be the same. In other cases where the request matches an existing person in your nation, the updated_at field will change (along with the other data passed in the request) on the person's profile.

I hope this helps clear things up!

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Person could_vote_status values are Inconsistent with On-line Documentation

The documentation of "Person Resource" at <http://nationbuilder.com/people_api> says

could_vote_status - boolean indicating if this person could vote in an election or not, derived from their election-related IDs

However, the examples, and, actual, server responses contain values null, -1,  1.

This seems to be a nullable integer. Trying to parse it as a boolean can cause your application to fail.

What are the possible values, and their meanings for this field?



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API based credential checking?

hi all,

I'm designing an app which will have 2 parts;

  • a (server-side) token request service which has an access token to operate the NB API
  • a browser based app which will needs to use the NB API, so requires its own access token

I'd like to restrict the usage of the browser app to people with current credentials in my NB site, and potentially tagged in a certain way. Something like this;

  1. user posts credentials (userid, pwd-hash) to my token request service
  2. my service uses the NB API to check the user's credentials (userid, pwd-hash) 
  3. if good, the service requests a new access token for the user and returns it to the user's browser ... this is the reply to the request (1)
  4. user's browser app can now operate the API and do something useful.

Is there an API call to support (2) ??

Is this a reasonable pattern?


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[API] Relationships between People to People/Organizations are not available

We are not able to add relationships either between people with each other or with an organization through the API provided by NationBuilder.

We are trying to add various types of users on NationBuilder, such as adding a student and a school. However, we want to assign that a particular student has the relation "Student At" his/her school. This assignment is not available as the current API version does not support the endpoint "Relationships".

Is there a solution to set these relationships?


Mohamed Hisham

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