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Request variables

Variable Description
current_userUser viewing page (if logged in) e.g. {{ request.current_user.first_name }}
current_signupSignup viewing the page (if sorta logged in) e.g. @{{ request.current_signup.parent.twitter_login }}
current_browserThis helps determine whether they are in site view, mobile view, or tablet view
current_themeSite theme currently enabled e.g. {{ request.current_theme }}
current_orderOrder to display items e.g. {{ request.current_order.form_amount_options }}
from_search_engineSearch engine they came from e.g. google or yahoo
from_search_engine_querySearch engine query they typede.g. immigration refrom
is_spider?Is this a search engine spider? (Google, Yahoo, etc) e.g. {% if request.is_spider? %}
is_mobile?Is this a mobile device? e.g. {% if request.is_mobile? %}
is_ie6?Checks if the browser is Internet Explorer 6 e.g. {% if request.is_ie6? %}
session_idCookie based session id e.g. {{ request.session_id }}
logged_in?Checks the user is fully logged in e.g. The user either has a password, or are authenticated via Facebook Connect or Twitter.
sorta_logged_in?Checks the user is sorta logged in e.g. The user didn't login with a password nor is authenticated via Facebook or Twitter, but they clicked through an email or filled out a form during the session, so we believe we know who it is.
facebook_logged_in?Checks the user is logged in via Facebook e.g. The user is logged in via Facebook Connect
is_splash?Are we in splash page mode? e.g. {% if request.is_splash? %}
templateThe template file name being viewed e.g. {{ request.template }}
url_pathThe URL path of the page being viewed e.g. /pages/nyc
is_intern?Checks if the person viewing the page is intern level or above e.g. {% if request.is_intern? %}
is_leader?Checks if the person viewing the page is a team leader or abovee.g. {% if request.is_leader? %}
is_staff?Checks if the person viewing the page is staff e.g. {% if request.is_staff? %}
is_admin?Checks if the person viewing the page is an admin e.g. {% if request.is_admin? %}
is_ajax?Checks if ajax is enabled or not e.g. {% if request.is_ajax? == false %}
is_facebook_canvas?Is the person accessing this from within the Facebook canvas? e.g. {% if request.is_facebook_canvas? == true %}
is_facebook_page_canvas?Is the person accessing this from within an actual Facebook page? e.g. {% if request.is_facebook_page_canvas? == true %}
new_user_session_url? e.g.
new_account_urlURL to create a new account e.g.
new_password_reset_urlURL to reset password e.g.
facebook_connect_urlFacebook Connect URL e.g.
twitter_connect_urlSignin with Twitter URL e.g.