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Beyond beautiful websites, NationBuilder has an insane amount of built-in tools for leveraging the passion of your volunteers and staff - at about the cost of simply hosting a website and the ease of a implementation.

Let’s take a look at what your non-profit or NGO can do with a basic $19 a month NationBuilder site (less than 4 percent of our corporate rate):

  1. Tweets, Twitter ID and site URL mentions, Facebook and Meetup RSVPs and all on-site activities in a filterable administrative dashboard stream.
  2. Credit card donation pages, with affordable per transaction rates and goal thermometers for both donors and amount donated, automatic public recognition of recent donors, and auto-response thank you emails.
  3. Blogs! NationBuilder supports unlimited blogs pages and subnavigations, unlimited authors and granular settings for permissions and comments - including the ability to let any logged-in user submit a post. Plus Embedly integration for rich media publishing from more than 200 sites.
  4. Affordable fully integrated email blasting plans, with unlimited monthly messages to your lists. 
  5. Cost-effective text blasting plans with the ability for folks to RSVP, pledge and sign up by texting keywords.
  6. Fully customizable calendar pages with upcoming events, optional user-submitted events, searching for nearby events and an overview map of all events. Plus multi-level ticket sales, and full integration with Facebook events and Meetup, RSVP auto-response emails with directions, and printable lists for the door.
  7. Show a map of your Meetup Everywhere communities with upcoming nearby meetups.
  8. Volunteer signup with detailed contact info and custom asks for assignments like hosting an event, interning, or stuffing envelopes.
  9. Endorsement pages where individuals and/or organizations can publicly share their support and you can set a numerical goals and feature important endorsements.
  10. Templates for frequently asked questions, and crowdsourced and official responses.
  11. Free-form feedback pages for 'tell your story' campaigns and other submissions.
  12. A “find friends” feature for people to use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect with their friends and followers who have already joined.
  13. Leaderboard pages for recognizing top supporters from across the web. Try them with top supporters by day, week or month.
  14. Petitions with signature goals, comments, pictures, and the ability for supporters to choose whether to publish their signature on the site.
  15. An innovative and fully customizable “Political Capital” economy for measuring support levels and rewarding online actions like recruiting volunteers, signing pledges and donating. Get creative and reward offline actions as well.
  16. Template pages for press releases.
  17. Recruiting features to help supporters find friends and track their involvement. Have they donated? Are they volunteering?
  18. Smooth redirects to any external pages and sites.
  19. Easy embed of iframes and sites like Tumbr.
  20. Customize and set up a rules page to help keep your nation civil.
  21. Crowdsource suggestions and allow people to comment.
  22. Solicit policy ideas around a particular topic and let people rate the ideas based on whether they are good, bad, impractical or important. Or you can crowdsource questions for an event.
  23. Customizable multiple choice surveys.
  24. Tight integration with Rock the Vote's nationwide voter registration system. Voters will get printable forms they can mail in, and your nation documents email addresses of signups for follow-up.
  25. Moneybomb pages to turn fundraising drives into an event. Supporters can pledge an amount to donate at a very specific time and recruit others to do the same.

That’s a lot of power. What kind of nation will you build?

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