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NationBuilder has powered some of this generation’s most historic campaigns in Europe

From political parties, candidates running for office, and referendums to nonprofits, businesses, and advocacy organisations.

Own your own data

Store the data your supporters trust you to hold about them with advanced privacy tools to manage affirmative and specific communications consent across your community.

Put people at the center

Learn what people care about the most to better understand where they are at in their engagement journey with your organisation through advanced segmentation tools.

Move people to action

Build dynamic websites that prompt deeper community engagement and send personalised emails to supporters based on how they have engaged with you.

Distribute leadership

Use peer-to-peer community organising best practices to recruit more volunteers, raise more money, and host more community events.

GDPR, Privacy & Security

Tools to help you build supporter relationships, 
get compliant and be confident in your data security.

Granular Consent 
Management Tool

Centralising preference tracking

People and Group Assignment

Distributing leadership with 
confidence and oversight

Cookie Banner Configuration

Enabling compliance, transparency 
and customisation

Customisable Administrator Permissioning Features

Giving users access to the features 
they need

Individual Data 
Download & Digital Will

Allowing for personal data ownership and responses to data portability requests

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Customer Stories

See how leaders and organisers across Europe have used NationBuilder to achieve their mission.

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our European team

Get in touch with our experts in Europe to discuss:

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Press enquiries: please contact [email protected]

Providing best in class customer experience

With NationBuilder team members located in France, Italy, Belgium, UK & Romania across Customer Success, Customer Support, Engineering, Product and Business functions.