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NationBuilder has powered some of this generation’s most historic campaigns in Europe

From political parties, candidates running for office, and referendums to nonprofits, businesses, and advocacy organisations.

  • Own your own data

    Keep all of your supporters in your own database, equipped with advanced privacy tools to manage affirmative and specific communications consent across your community.

  • Put people at the center

    Learn what people care about the most and use tags, lists, and dynamic filters to understand how people interact with your organisation.

  • Move people to action

    Build dynamic websites that prompt deeper community engagement and send personlised emails to supporters based how they have engaged with you.

  • Distribute leadership

    Use peer-to-peer community organising best practices to recruit more volunteers, raise more money, and host more community events.

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Advanced Privacy

Put privacy first with state of the art tools to help you build relationships with your supporters

  • Consent management toolset

    rack granular consent options, including subscription preference and cookies.

  • Individual data download & digital will

    To comply with a data portability request, we have built a function that helps you provide a full data download that will include all information on a supporter's profile once a request has been made.

  • Cookie compliance tools

    We have aligned our product to collect consent for data collection at all levels, so there are no default opt-ins. Enabling this banner will allow the people who visit your site to formally consent to the collection of data by those analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Chartbeat.


Process payments in local currency and build sustainable fundraising support

Monthly and Annual donations

Enables multiple recurring payment periods and one-time donation options on the same page.

Fundraising integration partners

Use connected Apps to process direct debit information from country-specific payment processors.

Compliant with EU regulations

Fundraising tools optimised for EU regulatory workflows (SCA, GDPR)

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