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Know your people. Grow your community. Build the future.

Your supporter base is at the center of your work. That’s why our tools are designed to help you meet your supporters where they are, deepen your relationships with them, and ensure that they feel seen for how they contribute to your work with features like tags, filters, paths, and more.

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Create meaningful supporter profiles with tags

Tags are the backbone of your NationBuilder integrated database and can be added automatically when supporters take certain actions on your website. That means whether they RSVP, donate, or volunteer, you’ll be able to tag supporters and build out your database without even lifting a finger.


Send effective outreach with targeted audiences

Knowing your audience is the first step to crafting effective outreach. With filters, you can get really granular with who you’re trying to reach––filter by engagement and geographic data, custom fields, tags, and more, then simply save your filter to come back to it next time.


Design an engaging supporter journey

Following up with customized next steps for supporters who have taken action is central to keeping them engaged. Our paths feature will help you ensure no supporter falls through the cracks. Create customized supporter journeys that’ll contribute to a long-lasting, stronger community.

Custom Fields

Prioritize the data that matters most to you

An integrated database is a powerful tool––one that’s made even more powerful by custom fields. Whether you want to ask your donors for their birthday or know what their favorite drink is––custom fields mean the sky’s the limit on what you can include in your forms.

Social Capital

Know who your top supporters are–and celebrate them

Every supporter community has highly engaged members. The ones who show up to every event, donate to every campaign, and genuinely enjoy spreading the word about the work you’re doing. Easily track this activity with a simple point system–and throw in a leaderboard to really take the gamification up a notch.

And much, much more...

Geographical data filtering

Whether you’re local or global––you’ll always have a clear picture of where your supporters are around the world.

Permission sets

Set up custom access to your nation dependent on varying supporter roles in your community.


Provide additional benefits to your supporters with paid and unpaid memberships.

Feature Quote

"We were a very small team and we knew NationBuilder would allow us to punch above our weight. The system was super malleable and rather clever. Not only could we pull in our existing database, which at the time was tiny, but we could set up the site to help us catch new email subscribers, and welcome new donors. . . to have it all in one place was really important to us."

Mica Bevington, Humanity & Inclusion

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