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Communicate with supporters. Create action journeys. Build the future.

Drive impactful engagement with your supporters using personalized email, text and field outreach. Create seamless email and text campaigns with automations and dynamic data to reflect relevant, personalized content in each email, to ensure you make the right ask at the right time.

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Hit your campaign goals with engaging email automation

Create email series that drive action and track your success with custom conversions. Easily segment, target, and personalize your messages with behavior-triggered automations from multiple sources.


Delight supporters with beautiful, personalized emails

Our drag-and-drop email builder and HTML editor make it easy to create beautiful, personalized emails that look great on any device. Run an action alert email campaign when you need your supporters the most and takes into account the most recent action a supporter has taken with our advanced targeting and segmentation.


Bridge online and offline efforts with SMS tools

The open rate for texts is 94%, making it the ideal tool to pair with your email campaigns. Send a targeted text blast with NationBuilder’s integrated database to the supporters you need to take action and continue the conversation with 1-1 texting. Easily register for ‘A2P 10DLC’ to comply with industry best practice standards.


Trust that your emails are reaching supporters’ inboxes

Email deliverability is hard and our dedicated email specialists are here to help every step of the way. We’ll take care of the technical stuff so that your team can focus on the strategy.


More personalized emails, more engaged supporters

NationBuilder enables you to reach the right audience so you can reach your goals. Our filtering tools allow you to focus on supporters most likely to engage by creating audiences based on their past actions and interests. Take this to the next level with smart fields and liquid, personalize your emails to make every email feel like a 1-1 touch. You can design workflows to take supporters from passive engagement to recruiting for your organization. 

And much, much more...

Dedicated Short Codes

A dedicated short code is a 5- or 6-digit number that can be used with your nation. Short codes make supporter sign-ups more seamless in the field

Data Segmentation

Use sophisticated filters and tags to identify the right people for email and text blasts.

Email & Text Analytics

Gain insight into your best performing emails with open, click and donation rates. Use A/B testing and analytics to create highly-effective email campaigns.

Feature Quote

"We were a very small team and we knew NationBuilder would allow us to punch above our weight. The system was super malleable and rather clever. Not only could we pull in our existing database, which at the time was tiny, but we could set up the site to help us catch new email subscribers, and welcome new donors. . . to have it all in one place was really important to us."

Mica Bevington, Humanity & Inclusion

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