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Doing big things starts with knowing your people

More and more, people are the driving force behind change. NationBuilder has the tools to help you tap into the potential of your community.

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Dahvi Wilson
Dahvi Wilson is the Vice President of Public Affairs at Apex Clean Energy and cultivates local support for clean energy projects in communities across the country using NationBuilder's communications, event, and website tools.

Enterprise-level solutions

  • Database insights you can act on

    Make informed decisions to take your organizing to the next level, and get to know your supporters with machine learning and data insights

  • Dedicated coaching tailored to your unique challenges

    Lean on the expertise of your Enterprise Account Manager to reach your goals

  • Put your data in a safe place

    With NationBuilder, you own your data and we help you protect it with best-in-class security


Automate more tasks, spend more time building relationships

Workflow automation allows you to set up communications and next steps for people taking action on your website, or a list of people in your database.

Automations visualization
  • No limits to your creativity

    Create unlimited automations, allowing you to experiment with what works

  • Surface insights about workflows

    Compare automations against key success metrics

  • Coming soon!

    Granular audience customization

    Enterprise-level customers can create custom exclusion lists to make sure the right people are getting the right messages

Get real data

Focus on actionable insights, not vanity metrics

Customizable dashboards

Aggregate, compare, and visualize data across multiple nations, data sources, and tables

Customizable dashboards

Maps and filters

Spot patterns across your organization, see results in new ways, and identify trends geographically

Customizable dashboards

Flexible tools for your workflow

Download data to CSV, PDF, and more. Mobile and tablet friendly.

Flexible tools for your workflow
Young woman surrounded by elements of a supporter profile: tags, her Twitter handle, leaderboard rank, and a comment she posted.
Outreach and Engage

Get a clear picture of who and where your supporters are

Each supporter profile in NationBuilder contains a full history your interaction with that person, whether through the website, canvasses, phone outreach, or social media.

  • Run queries based on hundreds of criteria

    Precisely segment your database with advanced filtering

  • Get a 360 degree view of how your supporters are engaging

    Enrich supporter profile data from multiple sources like communications or actions they take on websites

  • Know why people are taking action

    Conversion tracking will help you work towards your goals and know what outreach is most effective

Our product roadmap is updated regularly and fully visible to our community: Check out our product roadmap

You might be leaving your top advocates on the table

If you’re using multiple different systems, it can be hard to know who your top people are, and how to reach out to them. That’s why organizations who rely on digital engagement are seeing their returns on investment drop.

The industry standard isn’t cutting it. We need a new model for engagement:

of mass emails go ignored
of first time donors don’t donate again
Meeting at desk with coffee and computer
Enterprise Account Manager Lison Laissus goes above and beyond for our European Customers.
Enterprise Account Manager Lison Laissus goes above and beyond for our European Customers.
Dedicated strategic partner

We’re invested in your success

We take your success seriously. That’s why every enterprise customer works with a dedicated Enterprise Account Manager. Their role is to understand your goals, and make sure you are set up to succeed.

Customers who have worked with our Enterprise Account Team:

more per donation
more volunteers
“Oli's guidance has helped us to engage more personally with our supporters through Nationbuilder, empowering them to support our mission in a range of meaningful ways and feel a part of a community united by Jo's legacy.”
Jessica Leach
Campaigns and Operations Manager at The Jo Cox Foundation
“Working with NationBuilder has been a transformative experience for us. It is not easy for a long-standing and big organisation to change the way you do things but the team at NB have been very supportive throughout the process.”
Alexander Pitts
Digital Projects Manager at European Movement International

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Best-in-class protection for your data

We have you covered with security and regulatory compliance

  • Stay protected

    Advanced security options to fit your needs, including SSL, SSO, and DDOS protection

  • Compliant in the EU and California

    Full GDPR and CCPA compliance to protect you and your supporters

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