Help constituents track employee activity

One of the barriers citizens have to believing in their ability to change things (and really buying into their ownership and responsibility for their government) is the difficulty knowing or understanding what their reps are doing and having a convenient way of expressing their will on individual issues. (If they did pay more attention, things like money for tv ads so they could keep their jobs wouldn't be as necessary...but I digress). Each Congressional district and the junior and senior senators should have a web page and an individual nationbuilder twitter feed. It would report how their rep voted in the feed, and keep track of it on the page. The feed could also notify people in advance of larger votes and link to independent evaluation of legislation. It could also include lists of campaign statements/promises, and provide contact information for their offices revealed by buttons (click here to email pro/con) that would both reveal the info and let people know how many people are speaking up and which way the wind is blowing.

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This isn’t something that we have planned at the moment - however we are paying close attention to the most popular suggestions so please share and encourage others to follow and comment! 

This sounds like something you could DO with NationBuilder yourself! Create a site to track the elected officials in your area.

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