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Issues with NationBuilder Theme Sync for Mac

I am having trouble with NationBuilder Theme Sync, what can I do? Is there a general troubleshooting thread somewhere about Theme Sync? I can't log in to any of my sites today... Thanks in advance!

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Update 3/13/17

NationBuilder has phased out the Theme Sync tool. The tool should still be operational, but NationBuilder will not continue supporting the Theme Sync product. Instead, we've replaced Theme Sync with the NationBuilder Dropbox integration for theme development. For more information and updates, see: "New and Improved Theme Development with Dropbox"

I am receiving a burst pipe upon logging in

There have been reports of users receiving a burst pipe message when logging into Theme Sync. We have fixed this burst pipe issue. If you should continue to experience a burst pipe upon logging in, please consider updating your login credentials and reattempting login. If this does not work, please consider reporting your issue under: "Burst pipe when logging into Theme Sync".

I am unable to download theme or create themes

There have been reports of a perpetual loading gif when trying to create or download a theme on Theme Sync. This issue has been resolved and you should once again be able to download any themes in Theme Sync. If you are continuing to experience this issue, please consider reporting your issue under: "Unable to download or create themes using ThemeSync".

I am unable to login into Theme Sync using the microsite slug

In order to login and update a microsite in Theme Sync, you must login directly to its nation first. This means that you will have to login through the slug convention. Using the pre-hyphen term will not work and it will result in a perpetual login loop.

General issues

If you are experiencing general issues with Theme Sync, including but not limited to, a stalling application, redirect loops to the wrong page, and/or incomplete or delayed theme syncs, please consider doing the following:

  1. Sign out of the nation from Theme Sync and then sign back on
  2. Deauthorize the application from your nation, and reauthorize (via Control Panel>Settings>Apps>Installed Apps)
  3. Delete local theme folder, resync by downloading from nation via Theme Sync
  4. Delete Theme Sync and reinstall

What if I continue to experience issues?

If you continue to experience issues, please consider developing from within the NationBuilder control panel. You can also consider developing theme files locally, and uploading the files onto the NationBuilder control panel using our drag and drop functionality for theme files under Theme>Custom theme>Files.

What is the future for Theme Sync or other theme development tools?

NationBuilder is currently exploring a Dropbox integration for theme development. The goal of this Dropbox integration is to provide a tool that allows more customers to access local theme development tools regardless of their operating system. Furthermore, the goal is to also provide a tool that can be accessible using a git based workflow. For more information and updates, see: "Create a NationBuilder theming integration with Dropbox."

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