BCC and External Email Integration + Contact Logs for Reporting



In the current system that exists, there are two ways to email log an email contact: 

  1. From your external email client (outlook, google, etc), BCC'ing nationbuilder. If you are properly set up as a broadcaster, the email will be logged for you and the contact. This touchpoint will not be logged as "Contact", is not exportable or measurable (even through api), and cannot be assigned to a path

  2. Send an email directly from the target contact's NB page, using plain text and logging the interaction to a path - no one wants to do this


There should be a way to send an email to a contact via an external email client, and have that interaction logged for reporting (as "contact", or on path). 




Thanks Adir - I totally see what you are saying. Please follow this similar suggestion for updates. I've added your details to the request. 

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