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Why is Advanced Privacy important?

Over recent years, the public’s expectations regarding the handling of personal data by organisations have increased, and at the same time, countries and regions around the world have introduced and updated laws to ensure the protection of personal data. The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a leading regulatory framework in the area of privacy and there is similar legislation across the globe including CCPA (California), CDPA (Virginia), PoPI (South Africa), Privacy Act (New Zealand), and LGPD (Brazil) to name just a few, with many more to come.

NationBuilder’s belief in individual privacy rights has been a bedrock principle since the company’s founding.  In addition to complying with privacy regulations as appropriate, NationBuilder believes that advanced privacy––respecting granular consent, and developing tools to help manage that––paves the way for smarter campaigning and more effective strategies for engaging with communities and building meaningful relationships.

Why does NationBuilder prioritize Advanced Privacy?

At NationBuilder, our mission is to build the infrastructure for a world of creators by helping leaders develop and organize thriving communities .  As part of bringing the mission to life, our software provides customers with the tools that they need to lead, including advanced privacy tools. These tools allow customers to build trust with their supporters, not only  in their processes but in how their data is handled.

That’s why we make privacy a top priority, so our customers can earn their supporters’ trust and build meaningful relationships based on respect for the communication preferences of their community.

What are NationBuilder’s Advanced Privacy tools?

The Advanced Privacy suite of tools was designed with data compliance at the forefront. Using the Advanced Privacy tools, customers can:

  • Gather and manage more granular consent logs for auditable opt-ins / data processing
  • Gather consent for certain analytics cookies
  • Respond to individuals seeking to exercise their rights to data erasure, data access, and data portability

How is my data stored?

One of NationBuilder’s founding principles is that leaders must “own their own data”. That principle is not just reflected in the design of our software, but also in NationBuilder’s underlying technological architecture.  Each NationBuilder customer gets a completely separate, secure, and self-contained database––and our customers control who in their organization has permission to access it. The sanctity of our customers’ data is at the heart of everything we do; we don’t sell it or share it, and we interact with it only when necessary in the course of providing the software. There is no “NationBuilder database” or dataset. Your nation and the data within it is strictly yours.

If you are in the EU, please visit our GDPR FAQ for more information.

How does NationBuilder’s business model impact data privacy?

We don’t sell data and we don’t sell ads. Our business model is simple: we make software and the people that want to use it pay us to do so. We give our customers the tools that they need to own their own data and ensure they are able to maintain the privacy of their supporters.

Where can I find more guidance about the legislation in my country?

If you need guidance on practices and/or compliance in your country, we recommend you visit the website of your country/state data regulator and get advice from your legal counsel.

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