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Link to an uploaded file

I need to share files as a resource for our community. Some of the files may be PDFs and others may be Word or Excel docs.  What URL would I use to link to these files?  

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Sue, you can upload the files under a page in your nation. Once uploaded, you can click on the files to get the link. 

1. Go to the page you want to add the file under

2. Click on Files > and upload the pdf


3. If you click on the file that was just uploaded, you can get its link. For example, this link goes to the lincoln.pdf file I just uploaded.

Note: when uploading something like a Word document (.doc), you can right click and select "Copy Link" and you'll be able to grab a link to it. Documents like these cannot be rendered in your browser, unless you embed them with a Google doc or another document embed service. Its a link that goes straight to download.

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