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Can we create a filter with AND, OR and NOT conditions?

NationBuilder is trying to be a database of people associated with a cause. All databases provide a way to search the contents using basic query logic such as

"(Any with X ) OR (Any with Y)"   must have either X or Y

"(Any with X ) AND (Any with Y)"   must have both X and Y

"(Any with X ) AND  NOT((Any with Y))"  must have X but not Y

For example, I'd like to find all people and a city who have donated or volunteered. This is (Any with city) and ((Any with donated) OR (Any with volunteered)).


Official response from

By default, a filter allows for AND queries (i.e. people from a certain city and people who donated). At this time, our search logic does not allow for a single search to accomplish an OR or NOT query. For feature suggestions related to this issue and some workarounds, go here and here. Also make sure to check out Exclusion Queries and Advanced Listbuilding in NationBuilder from NationBuilder Certified Architect Richir Outreach.

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