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Please add Petitions and Petition Signatures to the NationBuilder API

This would be very powerful for a bunch of existing integrations as well as new ones. For example, it would enable a service like CallHub to support members signing petitions via SMS. It would enable email your MP tools to track against petition pages directly within NationBuilder. It would also enable tools to report on a nation's core activities and track successes across a great range of actions.

Ideally, it would allow developers of external tools to work with NationBuilder's petitions as well as petition signatures, in the same way that we can already work with events and RSVPs (that event resource provides the best analogy).

I would say the key components would be:

  1. Index endpoint (to return all petitions per site)
  2. Create endpoint (create a new petition)
  3. Show/update/delete endpoints (these are less important to us, but useful all the same :)
  4. Petition signature Count endpoint (return the number of people who have signed a given petition)
  5. Petition signature Index endpoint (return the NationBuilder IDs, first names and emails of everyone who has signed a given petition)
  6. Petition signature Create endpoint (add a new signatory to a given petition)

Thanks for considering!


Official response from

Thanks CodeNation! I'll move this over to the API forum for that team to take a look at! There isn't a timeline on this at the moment but definitely a good suggestion. 

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