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Countable is a civic tech company that helps make government simple. They do this by building impactful advocacy tools to empower citizens, turn people into advocates, and convert supporters into change-makers. With mobile-optimized and user-friendly flows, their direct advocacy widget and video testimonial tools help enhance conversion rates, lead generation, direct advocacy, and user-generated content. With their new integration with NationBuilder, supporters who take an action Countable will sync directly with your nation.

To take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Navigate to Countable’s website to view their offerings. You can signup for either a video advocacy or text advocacy widget. Countable walks customers through their advocacy campaign to make sure you're selecting the highest impact widget. When you're ready for your discovery meeting, email [email protected] to get started. 

Step 2: After your discovery consultation Countable will send you a custom NationBuilder authentication link. Simply click on the link, log into your nation, and the integration will be complete.


Step 3: Using the info from your discovery meeting, Countable will create your widget and email you a link that contains your embed code so you embed the widget on your site. The embed code will look like this.


Step 4: Once you have the code, navigate to the page you would like to embed the widget on in your nation's control panel. Once you select the page you want to drop the widget on, select 'Template' and paste the code on your page and select 'Save'. In this case, I inserted the widget starting on line 13 following the </div>.


That's it! Your widget will be live on your site. Users who interact with the widget will enter your nation with a tag that follows this format 'countable_[campaign name]_[date]'.


Learn more about the Countable integration on our app directory.

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