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Create a Robust Invoicing System that would Support Corporate Fundraising

When selling event tickets to, or getting donations from large corporations, university departments or government agencies, they often require a traditional invoicing process. They want a paper or PDF invoice and then they mail in a check. 

NB should support this in a robust fashion. The current implementation of invoicing is inadequate and needs an overhaul.

Some specifics:

  • When entering Items in an invoice [Finances/Invoices/Items] the amount label is not clear. The usage is UNIT amount but it could be TOTAL amount or UNIT amount. Ambiguity is bad, please update the label.
  • The PDF format needs to be highly customizable.
  • The [Send] function needs to allow a one click email of the PDF invoice attached to the email template.
  • After creating an invoice, then adding items, you have to go back to [Settings] to save the invoice before you can send it. This is completely NOT clear. This could be solved by adding a Save button to all the pages.
  • The invoice status stays at draft until I send it using the email [send] function. There is no way for me to send them the PDF and not the very confusing invoice email template and update the status.
  • It would be great to be able to see invoices from [People/Finances]

In general it looks like invoicing was tacked on in a hurry. This is too important to leave unfinished. Please invest in this area.


This is something we are considering but does not have a timeline at the moment.

However we are paying close attention to the most popular suggestions so please share and encourage others to follow and comment!

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