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Create and store a digital will

A digital will is a statement about whom will take ownership of a person’s information should they be involved in a catastrophic event.

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Create/log a digital will

To log a digital will for a user, navigate to their profile > Privacy > Digital will.

  1. Click on the Privacy tab and select Digital will.
  2. Write out the statement of whom data is willed to.
  3. Click Save digital will .

You also have the ability to add a "digital_will" Liquid variable into your theme, which can be used to display the digital will on the public profile or let the person update it on their profile.

To do this, go to Website > select your site > Click the edit button for the page you wish to add it to > Theme > Templates and select the File name of the page type you are modifying. Add the following line of code at the bottom of the form (or wherever you want it to appear):

{% text_area "digital_will.content", class:"textarea" %}

You can also filter for whether or not someone has a digital will using the “Digital will” filter criteria.

Whenever a change is made to a person’s digital will, we will record an audit log entry that includes:

  • The NationBuilder ID of the person whose will was updated
  • The NationBuilder ID of the person who did so (if it was updated by a control panel user)
  • The content of the digital will
  • When the change was executed

This audit log is recorded in your nation and can be accessed via a snapshot. Please note that if you restore a snapshot from before this download was executed, you are returning your nation to a previous point in time and the log entry will not be included.

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