Create filter criteria for tracking code contains/starts with

Tracking codes are used to identify contributions given to a specific campaign. In addition, tracking codes have specific naming conventions to identify the type of campaign/appeal/ad. We want to be able to find any tracking code that starts with FBAD, for example. Right now, the only way to do that is to populate every tracking code that starts with FBAD. When you have 30+ tracking codes that are prepended with FBAD, that can become very cumbersome.


If there were a way to identify any tracking code that starts with or contains a certain string of letters, we'd be able to more easily group contributions together to understand the overall impact of our campaigns/appeals/ads.


Hey Dana, thanks for the suggestion! Adding search functionality is definitely desirable and is something we will consider. Right now we do not have a timeline for this. We will update you with any updates! Thanks!

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