Sending to multiple email addresses?

Our organization needs to be able to send communications to multiple email addresses for each member. We are working with legislators who receive communications at alternate email addresses and at their staffers' email addresses. We do not want to make profiles for all of these staffers, because 1) it cumbersome to have so many member profiles 2) these staffers are often transient 3) we often don't have enough information about them to make a profile. Has anyone solved this problem?

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Hi Danielle. We don't have a method for you to email addresses not attached to a profile or not. You can always import profiles for each legislator/staff member. The minimum information needed to send an email is a profile with an email address. If you'd like to see a different feature that allows you to send emails to multiple addresses you can always make a public feature request, which will allow you to work with our Product Team around the development of this feature. 

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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