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French digital agency based in Marseille and Paris

Datack est une agence de communication spécialisée dans les stratégies de mobilisation et mène campagne avec NationBuilder depuis 2015.

Datack déploie des sites web, des stratégies d’engagement, active vos data, forme vos équipes et dirigeants pour faire gagner les bonnes idées et les causes justes.

Datack is a communications agency specializing in engagement strategies, putting all its expertise at your organization's service. Datack deploys websites and engagement strategies, activates your data, and trains your teams and managers to help good ideas and just causes win the day.

• Global strategy consulting
• Graphic identity, web design, digital charter
• Complete configuration, automation, and creation of your user path
• Organization and integration of your data
• NationBuilder front-end development
• Installation of an SMS solution compatible with NationBuilder
• Training and support for your teams

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