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NationBuilder is great for letting you create events and accept RSVPs. But what happens at the event when you want to check-in those RSVPs?  Other than using a clipboard at the event there really aren’t many options to quickly and easily check-in RSVPs and their +1s. Now, using Check by cStreet you can streamline this process and get back to enjoying your event!

How to take advantage of this integration:

Step 1: Visit Check’s website and purchase a monthly plan. Plans start at $9/month. For organizations who want a custom branded Check app, cStreet also offers a white label solution with the price TBD based on the organization and need. Once you signup you will be asked to sign in to your NationBuilder account to authenticate your credentials.

Step 2: If you have multiple websites connected to your nation, you will be asked to choose which website contains the event you would like to use Check with. If you don’t have multiple sites you will be directed to all events in your main site and can choose the one you want to start checking RSVPs in to.

Step 3: Simply select the checkbox next to the RSVPs name to check them in. If they have +1s, you can also enter their details. +1s will be added to your nation as having been recruited by person who is the initial RSVP.

It’s as easy as that!  Don’t forget to treat event attendees in the same way as others who are being moved up the ladder of engagement by making sure you add them to a path

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