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This is a guest post written by Gabriele Manasse, founder of Bablic - a machine and human translation tool that can be inserted into your NationBuilder site(s) and translate your webpage with a single line of code. 


In a multi-cultural world that gets smaller every day, our ability to communicate across borders determines our impact on the issues that we care about. It is extremely difficult to engage users if they are struggling to understand your message or if they feel left out due to language barriers. This is why a successful website should be able to speak to its audience in a clear and effective way, no matter the language.

Until recently, adding languages onto a website was an expensive and cumbersome process. It required programming skills, project management and significant resources, including time and money. Bablic was created to make this process quick, easy and affordable. It takes care of all aspects of website localization automatically, so you can focus on leading your cause. Just copy/paste one line of code on your website to go global.  

Edit and translate content directly on your site through a user-friendly, visual editor; replace images, videos and links for each language with just one click; customize the language switching widget to match the look & feel of your website; and, automatically identify your users’ language preferences to provide them with the most welcoming user experience on your site.

With Bablic, you will increase your website’s ability to generate leads, stimulate engagement among your users and ultimately create a stronger connection with your audience and community.

To use Bablic with your nation, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Signup with Bablic and navigate to 'My sites.' Every instance of a NationBuilder website will need to be added here. For example, if I have one nation with two websites, then I would want to add both sites here.


Step 2: Choose your language and Bablic will generate a preview of your site with that language. It will also ask you to customize certain words that it is unsure about. When you're done select 'Publish Changes.'


Step 3: Copy the script that pops up in the lightbox and navigate to your NationBuilder control panel to Website > Theme.

You will need access to a custom theme. If you have a custom theme, then jump below to follow the next steps. If you’re not using a custom theme, go to New custom theme and click Clone your current theme. After you click the Create Theme button, you can follow the remaining steps below.

Go to Current custom theme > Templates > find File name layout.html > and paste the code under the <head> tag (line 11 in the screenshot below).


Step 4: Save and publish the theme and you're good to go! The changes will take a few minutes to take effect, but when they do, you will have a fully translated site.

NationBuilder customers get an exclusive discount of 15% off monthly and annual subscriptions. Learn more about Bablic today. 

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