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Advocacy Data is a leader in enhancing voter files, offering a turn-key solution to build on your existing data. As a NationBuilder customer, you can take advantage of an exclusive offer to leverage the voter data already in your nation by adding critical contact, demographic and interest data. Advocacy Data put together a special package of the most useful attributes for political campaigns, and now that data is accessible to NationBuilder customers through an API integration that makes the process of appending data even easier.

To take advantage of this integration:

Step 1:  Navigate to Advocacy Data’s NationBuilder store and select your voters. You can narrow down by state, district, county, city, and party affiliation:


Step 2:  Choose the data you want appended to your file:  


Step 3:  Enter your information followed by payment method:


Step 4: Advocacy Data will do the hygiene work to ensure your file is up-to-date. This process takes up to three business days. When your data is ready, you will receive an email with a link. To retrieve your file, select the link and you will be redirected to this page. Enter your nation slug and select the Authenticate button. You will be asked to login to your nation to authenticate Advocacy Data.


Step 5: Advocacy Data loads the data into the proper fields and creates the necessary targeting tags.


What you end up with is appended data that lets you target based on demographic and interest information. Advocacy Data has provided a document that includes keys for their tagging convention. You can view more information about Advocacy Data on the NationBuilder integrations page.

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