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At NationBuilder, we believe leadership starts with putting people at the center of everything you do. Today, we’re making it even easier to find, update, and further engage those people by displaying results as soon as you start typing in quick search.



Type in a name, email, NationBuilder ID or Twitter ID in the search box and select a profile to edit right from the drop-down. By starting all your profile-related work from quick search you’ll reduce the likelihood of creating a duplicate and save yourself time later. If you can’t find who you’re looking for, you can also create a new profile in one click.




Additionally, when you are in the Website tab of your control panel, quick search will find pages in your website based on the page slug or name. 

Finding and updating a person’s profile is an important step to understanding who’s in your nation, and we hope quick search makes it easier to build the foundation for meaningful relationships with your supporters.

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