How do I change Facebook page associated with my broadcaster settings?

I am not given the option to choose my facebook details.  I wish to add our organisations page as the broadcaster link but it continues to try to attach an alternative page (not associated with the email used).

I have disconnected but am still faced with only the wrong page as an option on connecting.

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Facebook Pages are attached to Broadcasters. You can change the Facebook Page for your site by changing the Facebook Page associated with the primary Broadcaster for the site.

To change the Facebook Page log in to your nation's control panel and go to "Communication" > (Broadcaster) > "Settings" > "Facebook". From there you'll be able to connect and disconnect the Facebook Page associated with a Broadcaster. Please note that NationBuilder will only be able to connect Facebook Pages for the Facebook account that currently has a session open with the browser you are using.

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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