Add an option to filter people who have not RSVP'd for a specific event.

First I would like to thank the team for the addition of the event filters. Secondly, I would like to request the ability to filter by people who have not RSVP'd for an event, so that we can create email/contact lists for those people so that we can send them further communications about RSVP'ing. I know i can add everyone who RSVP'd to a list and then filter by people not on that list, but with the large number of events we plan to have, creation and maintenance of those lists would be cumbersome and create way too many lists. Thank you.


Thanks George! That makes sense to me (and you're right that the workaround exists but is time consuming) I will pass this along to the team who built the new filter and let you know if there are any changes. 

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