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How can I prompt donors to increase their next donation amount?

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Using Liquid variables in email, you can personalize the next donation ask of a donor based on their previous gift.

For example, you might suggest the donor give 10% more than their previous donation. To do this, you need to create a variable that stores the amount you want the donor to give next.

{% assign donation_ask = recipient.last_donation.amount_in_cents | divided_by: 100 | times: 1.10 | round %}

Copy and paste this code block into the first line of your email blast.


If you did everything correctly, it shouldn't display anything in the email preview.


If your donor gave $10 for their last donation, recipient.last_donation.amount_in_cents would output 1000. Then, divided_by, times, and round are all executed in order, resulting in a final value of 11. These are examples of math filters built into Liquid that can be used to modify number variables stored in your nation.

Now that {{donation_ask}} has a value, it can be used to prefill your donation (v2) page's ask amount. To do this, add ?amount={{donation_ask}} to the end of any links to donation pages in your email blast.


When your donor clicks on the link, they will be taken to your donation page with their suggested donation amount prefilled.


Always send test emails to confirm that your Liquid works.

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