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How can supporter track their donations for a given year or fundraising campaign?

My nonprofit has various fundraising campaigns throughout the year, and I want my supporters to track how much money they have raised during each campaign. Public profiles show all money raised historically, but I need to ensure that old donations are not counting toward current fundraising totals.

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NationBuilder has this functionality built in for political campaigns using election cycles, and you can also implement this feature to group donations for a given year or fundraising campaign.

You can create a new election cycle under Settings > Political > Elections. If you do not see a Political tab under Settings, double check that you have "Enable voters" selected under Settings > Defaults > Basics.

The election cycle typically refers to a year a donation was given, though technically you can use any number within four digits (0-9999). Each election cycle will need a period (primary, general, other, etc.) and an election day, which could help you distinguish between different fundraising campaigns within a given year.

Once you have an election cycle established, you can select that cycle as the "next election" under Political > Settings. This enables donations made on the website to be included automatically in that fundraising cycle.

Previous donations logged in your database will not be included automatically in this setup, so you will need to export the relevant donations, update them with the appropriate election cycle, and re-import into NationBuilder to include the new information. Before running any large re-imports, make sure to test this setup on a handful of donations. You can manually change the election cycle and period within a given donation's settings.

The donation total for the current cycle or fundraising campaign will then be tracked in your donation exports, and you can also display the fundraisers' totals this cycle on the website or in an email blast using the following Liquid variables:

donations_amount_this_cycle_format: How much they've donated this cycle

donations_raised_amount_this_cycle_format: How much money they've raised this cycle

Keep in mind that there can only be one fundraising goal. If a fundraiser wants to raise $1000 for the next campaign but had a goal of $500 previously, that has to be changed in the control panel or on that fundraiser's profile page.

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