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More people have internet than land line telephones. So, while you're identifying supportive voters by phone and by door, you can also do it online with the NationBuilder Vote Pledge page.

A Vote Pledge page will give website visitors and supporters on social media an easy way to express their support and share it with their friends. Plus, you capture their contact information, so you can turn them into volunteers and donors, too.

Here's how to set up a Vote Pledge page: 

  1. Go to the website section of your Nation
  2. Click "new page" and select "Vote Pledge"
  3. Click the provided links to fill in the text you desire, how you want to tag voters, and what data to require
  4. Publish your page

Now you're collecting ID's online! Pro tip: Email your supporters, signups, and social media followers across the district who haven’t been identified in your voter file, and ask them to confirm their support and share with friends.

If your Nation doesn't have a voter file, you can request one here

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