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Share a custom email theme

A custom email theme streamlines the look and feel of your communications, ensuring that you maintain your brand’s integrity across the network. As the HQ nation, you have the ability to share your custom theme with your networked nations. This guide takes you through the steps in sharing an email theme and how the recipient nation can easily switch to it.

Table of Contents

Sharing an email theme

Sharing a theme essentially means sharing a template, which is distinct from the body content within an email.

To share a theme, go to Communication > [Select broadcaster] > Email > Blasts > [Select slug] > Theme > Current custom theme > Settings.

Once you’re in the Settings section of your custom theme, you have a few options:

  • If you want to allow the receiving nations to be able to edit the shared theme, then check the box next to “Nations I have shared this theme can also edit it.”

Click on the Save theme button_savetheme.png button in order to complete the update.

  • You can share with a specific nation by entering the slug or nation name. Once you press enter, the nation will automatically be shared and the slug of the nation will appear below the Share with nation field. You can also share the theme with more than one nation by using commas to separate the nation names.


After sharing a theme with a nation, you can make the receiving nation the owner by clicking the MAKE OWNER button_email_theme_share_make_owner.png button.

If you decide not to share a theme, you can click on the Trash Can icon_trash.png button and it will be removed from the shared nation’s list of custom themes. But, if the theme is already in use within a shared nation, then you will not be able to remove the theme.

  • If you want to share the theme across all networked nations, then you can save time by checking the box next to “Share this theme with all subnations.”

Click on the Save theme button_savetheme.png button to share the theme across your network.

Switching to a shared email theme

Once you share an email theme with another nation, the theme will appear under the list of custom themes at Communication > [Select broadcaster] > Email > Blasts > [Select slug] > Theme > Custom themes.

When clicking the switch to button_email_theme_switch.png button, the email theme will then switch to the new theme.


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