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Earlier this year, we announced that ActionButton is now a part of NationBuilder. Since then, our teams have come together to make the power of our combined toolsets available to all NationBuilder customers.

Now, we’re very excited to share the launch of our all-new ActionButton add-on!

With this update, our customers can create and share buttons that easily integrate with their nation to engage supporters and gather insights across a variety of actions, including quizzes, sentiment polls, volunteer opportunities, and much more.

We’re especially excited to share that the add-on includes an option for legislative advocacy features that allow our customers to create campaigns that empower their supporters to directly contact their legislators in just a few clicks––making it quick and easy to send personalized messages to key elected officials that have a real impact on how policy is written. 

Want to give it a try? Pricing for the add-on starts at $9 per month

We hope this update makes inspiring your supporters to take action that much easier and sparks new and innovative ideas for continuing to keep them engaged long-term.

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