Monthly donor automated tax receipts

Originally submitted March 4, 2016

We use the donation receipt as our official tax receipt. Currently for monthly donors, only the first donation gets an automated receipt and I have to send the subsequent receipts manually. We want to grow our monthly donor base so a manual process is time consuming.


Update 12/18 - We received feedback that having these receipts turned on is not always the ideal workflow. You can now choose to send the autoresponse receipt on the first donation, or for all donations in your donation page's autoresponse tab.


Recurring donations and manual donations now send out receipts with all payment processors. 

- recurring donations will send an email receipt with each occurrence (this is in addition to anything your payment processor sends)

- you can send a receipt when entering a manual donation if you add a donation page slug as you are entering the donation - the donor will receive the autoresponse receipt associated with that page 




We recently updated it so that receipts for monthly donations from will get sent.

This is related to "Non-Receiptable and Electronic Tax Receipts" please follow that suggestion for any updates on that matter.

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