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We do hard things

We build the infrastructure for a world of creators by helping leaders develop and organize thriving communities.

We’d rather be better than right

You know how most meetings are really about everyone just trying to look smart, prove they’re right, or show they aren’t to blame for the thing that went wrong? That doesn’t happen at NationBuilder. We want to grow, we want to learn, we want to be better. It can be challenging, but honest feedback and growth are more important to us than being comfortable.

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Watch Allison Kunath create our mural that represents 'leadership for a connected humanity' - the core concept behind NationBuilder.

We do whatever it takes, no excuses

When you do hard things, roadblocks are never-ending. The world doesn’t make it easy to create something that’s never existed before. That doesn’t stop us. We take responsibility for making things happen, even (especially) when they seem impossible.

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"The internet is my religion."

In 2011 Jim Gilliam gave a groundbreaking speech at PDF about his journey and how NationBuilder came to be. Watch that speech or purchase his book.

The Internet is My Religion chronicles the years leading up to his founding of NationBuilder.
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Written by board member Ben Horowitz, Hard Things offers essential advice on managing the toughest problems business school doesn’t cover.
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We just say the thing

Saying what you really think, admitting how you really feel, or asking what you really want to ask isn’t always easy. But not being honest just gets in the way of creating together. When we stop being polite and start getting real, our community gets stronger and we make better decisions. Empathy is not protecting each other’s feelings. It’s respecting each other enough to say what’s true.

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We seek data and wisdom to make the best decisions

We are audacious enough to believe that humanity connected can accomplish anything, but humble enough to know that, as humans, we often lie to ourselves about what we’re accomplishing. So we seek data to overcome our blind spots and wisdom to overcome our limitations.

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We serve all communities

We proudly and fiercely help everyone have access to the tools of leadership, regardless of race, age, class, religion, educational background, ideology, gender, sexual orientation, or political party. It’s the whole reason we exist.

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NationBuilder Year in Review 2018

Standout leaders from 2018

Out of chaos and rapid change, leaders in our community chose to organize, mobilize, and help each other. We’re proud to share their stories and insights about what it takes to lead. Download the year in review

We are humans, not robots

Our software puts people in the center and so do we. Leadership is about humans. We take care of ourselves and each other, and deeply value authenticity. Humans are good at certain things; machines are good at certain things – and we understand the difference.

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