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Use NationBuilder as an SSO provider

Hi, We would like to make NationBuilder more central in our infrastructure. We would like to build on top of it. Is there a way to authenticate users in our Mobile App with NationBuilder. And I am not talking about authenticating the Admins. This is what OAuth2 is for. I would like to authenticate the users in our nation that are thousands. We would like to keep certain information in our NationBuilder. Information about the user membership. A custom field that says if this use has access to our venue or no. That's it. We would like to give our users (not the nation builder admins) but the nation itself a Mobile App. A mobile app that will read this custom field and say to the users (not the admins, but the users in the nation) if they have access to our venue. The issue is that if a user has a Mobile app on their phone there is no way for them to authenticate with nation builder. NationBuilder is not an SSO Provider and there is no API endpoint for an App to check the username and password of a user using the Mobile App. So we can build web/modile apps for the nation builder admins, but we can not build web/mobile apps for the nation builder users, those that are part of our nation. What am I missing? Help me understand how could we build web/mobile apps that allow us to authenticate the users in our nation (not the admins of the installation) with NationBuilder. Thanks.

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