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New Line Type Validation

Mobile phone numbers are hiding in your database

Are you sure your "Home phones" are landlines? Our new Line Type Validation service can tell you which of the numbers being stored in the "Home phone" line of a profile are landlines, mobile or VOIP (Voice over IP).

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Phone Type Identification FAQs

  • More and more, people’s primary or home numbers are also their mobile numbers. When they sign up on your site their mobile numbers often get entered into the “Home phone” field of their profiles. This makes it hard to run effective text messaging campaigns.

  • Our team will use our app to run your database through a phone lookup. The lookup will first validate that all the phone numbers are real. Then, based on whether the phone number is a landline, mobile, or VOIP number, the app will repopulate the right field in your nation.

Work with our team

Our implementation services team will work one on one to make sure your nation is set up to accomplish your goals.