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Every campaign's main priority is tracking their supporters and getting them to the polls, whether by 1s vs 5s, volunteers or donors. While tracking by numbers is the most streamlined way to do it, you can go a long way in your persuasion, fundraising and volunteer recruitment by being thorough in logging and taking notes of your interactions with people within your nation. 

As an example, you can see how you might log a contact below. While it's tempting and so easy to mark Sharron based on Support Score, having your field team or volunteers spend an additional 30 seconds to provide a few notes can make a huge difference in your outreach later on. This could be issues the person cares about, the tone of the conversation and/or personal details.


Continuing this example, the next time someone plans to reach out to Sharron, they can access the notes that were left in her profile by looking into the activity feed and then incorporating those details into the conversation. You can see what the activity feed looks like below:


While this is great for volunteers or field staff running canvassing and voter persuasion, it can be even more useful for fundraising. You can manage your fundraising notes right in the NationBuilder control panel via each profile’s activity stream. You can read through notes from previous calls or door knocks done by a volunteer and know what issue you might want to discuss or what personal details you might want to chat about before making the donation ask.

Logging contacts won’t make or break a campaign, but it can provide a big boost by providing easy to access notes when contacting a person again, or giving every other control panel user the same notes so they have all the context on the campaign’s interaction with the person before dialing them on the phone or knocking on their door. 


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