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Map your supporters


NationBuilder engineer Jacob Green built our map turf cutter which allows nations to customize walking lists by geotargeting selected groups of voters. He's also been hard at work improving our supporter mapping features in general, and the results are stunning. It's not just folks doing voter outreach, anyone with a high-volume petition or a generous number of Twitter followers can use map mode and satellite views to get a look at how their nation shakes out geographically.

adrielnation_greatbritain.pngThe above example shows NationBuilder's supporters, Twitter followers and customers. You can look at global groups of people, or filter down to smaller regions. And clicking on the pins brings up information about that person, including a link to their profile in your dashboard. Pins with mutiple people at the same address - or, as often is the case with Twitter IDs, grouped in the same city - will have a number and expand when clicked. Also pictured here are Twitter followers in Adriel Nation

Update: our engineers have expanded the map functionality.