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When it comes to crowd-sourcing content through the suggestion page type, our users are naturally concerned about spam.  I recognize that you've got a "Rules" system (for flagging and warning, and deleting identified spammers). Are there other spam-protection measures in place? Anything like Mollom? (I notice you don't use any sort of CAPTCHAs.) What is the user/admin experience like, in terms of spam in NationBuilder?  What barriers are there to spam?


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Update 10/27 (Taylor Pineiro) - We do have a few things in place to limit the amount of spam that actually gets into your nation – we are also looking into additional options.

The main issue that we’re dealing with that captcha won’t fix is that these aren’t robots they are actual people signing up and posting (it is probably a select group of people in each instance signing up with multiple fake emails or twitter accounts) so a captcha won’t stop them, it might slow them down, but won’t stop them. 

This is an ongoing process that we are very aware of and working on.  

Original answer - Yes, we use various techniques for spam protection that have proven to be far more effective than CAPTCHAs, which are a horrible user experience.  We don't talk about what they are though for obvious reasons.

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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