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Use NamSor to improve segmentation for your NationBuilder community: infer gender & cultural origin through personal names. NamSor will enrich NationBuilder fields gender and ethnicity (region/country of origin) based on personal names. It will not modify any existing data in those fields.


NamSor API is free to classify up to 1,000 gender appends per month and 100 ethnicity appends. Volume subscription: $99 for 100,000 gender appends and $999 for 100,000 ethnicity appends.


Elian Carsenat · [email protected] · +33 6 52 77 99 07

About the app

  • Communicate with a target audience according to gender or cultural origin/ethnicity.
  • Engage community influencers, to facilitate outreach to a Diaspora or expatriate network.
  • Monitor engagement or financial KPIs, according to gender or cultural origin/ethnicity.