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When we launched NationBuilder, there wasn’t a product for people who cared more about organizing people than content. If you wanted your own action website, donations and email, you needed at least three different systems and a lot of money and time. There was no software platform for leaders. So we built that, and in the five years since, we’ve learned more about the challenges leaders face than probably any organization in the world. And we found another major problem, one that leaders struggle with as their organizations scale that is as fundamental a problem as the one NationBuilder solves.

Across sectors, our customers with distributed infrastructures -- running alumni networks, associations, political parties, presidential campaigns, nonprofit chapter networks, unions, and others -- have always had to choose between distributed chaos and centralized control. The chaos that comes with a powerful, innovative, engaging network of independent chapters that have the freedom to lead, versus the control that helps maintain brand integrity and aggregate messy data, but chokes off a network’s creativity and growth.

NOT ANYMORE! NationBuilder Network is here! :)

With NationBuilder Network, your nation becomes a Network Headquarters and other nations can be connected to your HQ. You can put the full power of NationBuilder into the hands of all of your most important leaders, but at the same time, sync data across nations and enforce common custom fields, website themes, tags, etc. This is real infrastructure already supporting political parties and chapter-based organizations worldwide. The Republican party in the U.S. has spent a hundred million dollars in the last few years trying to build this kind of infrastructure, and what we’ve built is better, available to everyone, and starts at $5k/mo.

Please join me and Hilary Doe for a webinar today at 4pm ET/1pm PT to learn more. (RSVP + join here) Hilary is our VP of Strategy and has a ton of experience building distributed organizations as the National Director of the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network. She is the author of Rise of the Network, and Chaos vs. Control: Unlocking the power of your distributed organization.

And if you are interested in building a high impact network and want to talk to one of our experts, just fill out the form here and we’ll get back to you right away.

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