NationBuilder makes it wicked easy to fundraise for your non-profit, political campaign, and more. 

This morning I was brainstorming with a non-profit client on different ways to use the platform to drive donations:

  • Customized donation landing pages for niche targeting;
  • E-mail blast solicitations; 
  • Organizing house parties through the events feature and allowing supporters to set up their own events;
  • Easily create ticketed events with multiple donation levels;
  • Customize Twitter and Facebook messages for supporters to broadcast to their networks after donating;
  • Texting campaign to solicit event attendance and donations from opt-in supporters;
  • Assign donor prospects to specific point people for follow-ups;
  • Collect and log pledges;
  • Set up a computer with the online donation page open at events;
  • Use our new "moneybomb" page type to turn donations into an event, complete with a countdown timer and progress bar;
  • Create prospect lists with the shopping cart feature and print out fundraising call sheets;
  • Designate fundraisers with specific target amounts to raise through their networks.

Are you using NationBuilder for fundraising? Are these suggestions helpful? What would you add? Check out our donations and fundraising how-tos here.

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