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Today, Enterprise and Network nations will have new tools to track their progress and manage their nation with a new Growth dashboard, additional goal options and increased permission sets.

Growth dashboard

The growth dashboard  is the first stop to check your nation health. New dashboard widgets track progress across your nation:

  • Supporters - showing the number and change of supporters over time
  • Opt-ins - showing the overall number of supporters that have opted-in to email or text
  • Donors - showing who has newly donated and which donors are lapsing (donors who have not given in the past year)
  • Donations - showing the difference between one-time and recurring donations
  • Active Memberships - showing the number of newly added members and members that are about to expire (note that members can have more than one active membership so there could be more memberships than members in the filter).
  • Voters - showing you the voters that have converted to supporters out of the voters that are still listed as prospects

The widgets are active based on the add-ons in your nation. Anyone with permissions for all finance and all people will have access to this view. These widgets show you counts and totals for all time, guidance for things to look out for this month, and a graph view of the trends from the last year. Each widget links to a filter which gives you an opportunity to further refine your view and understand your data.. For example, you could see a view of lapsing donors and investigate if they have a similar tracking code, which might explain an event or campaign a year ago did really well and it’s worth revisiting.

Scoped goals

Set more tightly scoped goals to see how well a certain campaign is doing.

When we talked with customers about their goals last year, we heard a need to track progress more granularly - whether it’s specific campaigns or membership types. We have added new goal types that can use donation tracking codes and membership type.

Ten custom permission sets

As you grow and bring more people on to your team, whether it’s volunteers or new staff, you may have new types of roles with various responsibilities in your nation. With five more permission sets to create, Enterprise and Network nations can get specific about the types of responsibilities and access to data  for your control panel users.

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