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Eight Million

Two years ago today, I came to the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City to share my story. I was utterly terrified, but hoped to inspire all the people I respected so much to believe in the possibilities of a connected humanity. What I learned that day was that I wasn’t alone in my faith.

So we went back to work building the infrastructure to help leaders create a new world. In the past two years, the NationBuilder community has raised over $110 million and recruited over 280,000 volunteers, building everything from bridges to young women’s self esteem.

This morning, I’m back at PdF. No speech this time, thank God, but even more indebted than I was before. We have an incredible team and incredible partners, working around the clock to serve all of you. And today, Omidyar Network – the world’s most well-respected philanthropic investment firm – is joining us. They are leading an $8M investment, along with Andreessen Horowitz, to further our mission of making everyone a leader.

I am grateful. To our partners, to our team, to our customers. Thanks for being a part of NationBuilder.