Organization profile attributes

Your people database can include profiles for individuals and organizations. Any entity that is not a human should be categorized as an organization. This includes corporations, political action committees, unions, and nonprofits. 

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Create an organization

In the People section, click +New organization to create a new organization profile. 

  • physical address will be stored as work address
  • phone number will be stored as work phone number
  • founding date is the birth date of the organization

An organization profile includes most fields included in a person profile. These fields cannot be connected to an organization: employer, occupation, demo, marital status, gender, place of worship, and deceased.

Within a profile, you can specify whether the entity is a person or organization by editing the profile, selecting the type and then clicking the Save person button at the bottom of the page.

You can also batch update profiles to define them as people or organizations. 

An organization can interact with a nation in the same way as a person. This means an organization can take action on your website--including making donations and paying invoices. You can log contacts with an organization and you could make an organization a control panel user. 

When coordinating with an organization, two things will be key:

First, you connect people to their organizations using relationships. Then, when you log a contact on a person's profile, the contact can also be logged on her organization's profile. This allows you to consolidate communication between your control panel users and people from the organization on the organization's profile.

Track relationships between people and organizations

How to log a contact

Introduction to profiles

How to import organizations

How to create a signup page for organizations

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