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Add option to turn off the new Messenger function

I find the new Messenger widget being persistent in the bottom right of my Nationbuilder screen distracting and unhelpful - I've been using Nationbuilder for several years and am fully conversant in the features I need - the content that periodically pops up there is an unwelcome interruption to users like me. While I can in theory simply not interact with it, a red dot popping up is a powerfull psychological demand for our attention these days. Please could you offer the option to turn this off for those of us who don't find it helpful?


Great tip from Alex Flint! For others who do want to retain the option to start a conversation with our customer support team via the control panel, but who don't want to receive proactive messages from NationBuilder — tell us that in a reply, and we'll make sure to suppress you from future in-app communications! 😊

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