About smart tags: what happens when we manually remove one from a single people profile?

We are planning to use smart tags (autotagging based on a filter which makes its selection via postal codes) in order to segment incoming new members to their correct local party group. However, sometimes members want to be affiliated to a different local group than the actual group of the city where they're living. We'd need to be able to remove the smart tag and manually add another tag, the tag of the preferred local group. And the original smart tag should not reappear. Is this possible?

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When you create a filter that automatically tags folks based off of their postal code, the tag will be applied to that profile every 24 hours. If you would like to override this situation, you would need to change their postal code to move them out of the specific area so that they don't fall within the criteria of the filter that you are using to apply the tag automatically. As a second option, you could leave the original automatically applied tag on their profile, but you could add a secondary tag manually that designates them as living outside of the city.

For example, let's say that you create a filter that tags everyone who lives in the city of Los Angeles with a tag called "Lives in LA". You find that there are some folks who technically live in Los Angeles, but you would like to tag them with their specific town (Westwood, Brentwood, etc.) for more specific targeting campaigns. In this case, you would leave the tag "Lives in LA" on the profile, but add another tag that says "Town - Westwood". This way you could keep the automatic tag function while also tracking the town data that you need.


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